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10 x A3



C447 Acle (October 1959)

B193 Acle 1962

C446 Acle (from 1962)

C445 Acle (from 1970)
B194 Acle 1990s

C440 Aldeby

B196 Alresford

B390 Althorne (from 17.10.1966)

B391 Althorne
B043 Angel Road GER
B362 Ardleigh 1964

B368 Ardleigh 1970s

B044 Attleborough
C210 Attleborough (circa 1966)
B138 Audley End 1950s
C157 Audley End 1965
C158 Audley End (from 1969)

C438 Aylsham (from 12.09.60)

C439 Aylsham (from 1948)
B002 Bartlow Junction 1950
B261 Bartlow Station
B307 Barway Siding

B406 Bealings
C275 Beccles North Junction 1950s

B429 Belton

C264 Benfleet Ground Frames (3)
C046 Bentley Junction GER
C079 Bentley Junction LNER

B449 Berney Arms
C283 Bethnal Green 1930s

B415 Billericay
B003 Birdbrook 1930
C256 Bishop's Stortford South (circa 1958)
Bishop's Stortford South 1982
C001 Bishop's Stortford South 1960
B087 Black Drove
B306 Bottisham
C004 Braintree Station 1932

B466 Bramford Lime Works (circa 1960)

C424 Brampton 1950s

B423 Brampton (from 28.07.65)

C425 Brampton LNER

B047 Brandon 1976
C120 Brandon 1961
B150 Braughing 1927
B104 Breydon 1975

C452 Breydon Junction 1977

C262 Brimsdown circa 1932
C222 Brimsdown 1966
C323 Broxbourne Junction
B005 Broxbourne Junction 1961
C340 Broxbourne Junction 1980
C322 Broxbourne Station

C430 Brundall Junction 1960s

C431 Brundall Junction 1970s

B432 Buckenham
B048 Buntingford
B225 Bures

B453 Burston

B305 Burwell
C219 Bury St Edmunds Junction 1957
C049 Bury St Edmunds Yard 1943
C110 Bury St Edmunds Yard 1965
B197 Cambridge Goods LMS

B384 Cambridge Goods Yard

C202 Cambridge Junction (Hitchin)
B312 Cambridge North LNER
C309 Cambridge South LNER
B050 Cantley
B181 Carterhatch Lane 1957
B152 Cavendish 1965
B156 Cavendish LNER

C227 Chappel (1950s)

C130 Chelmsford (from 1954)
C051 Chelmsford Station 1940s

C143 Chelmsford Station 1970s
C233 Cheshunt 1960
C265 Cheshunt (from 1969)
C206 Chesterton Junction (from 1948)
C191 Chesterton Junction 1954

C266 Chesterton Junction (from 10.12.67)
B173 Chettisham 1960
C115 Chettisham
C267 Chingford Goods Yard 1929
C085 Chingford 1937
C086 Chingford 1960
B162 Chippenham Junction 1960
C268 Churchbury LNER
C208 Clacton 1950
C144 Clare 1950s
B006 Cockfield 1892
C235 Coke Ovens Junction (from 11.1967)

C490 Colchester Junction (from 30.11.58)
B326 Coldham (1950s)
C223 Coldham 1967
C189 Coldham Lane Junction 10.12.67
C188 Coldham Lane Junction LNER

B395 Cold Norton (from 1930s)

B389 Cold Norton

B295 Cole Green
B007 Colne Valley Junction 1912-1927
C311 Coppermill Junction (Frame c. 1963)
C310 Coppermill Junction (Panel c. 1963)
B145 Cornard Sidings
B008 Cressing 1893-1966
B009 Cressing 1966-1977
C075 Cromer Beach
B209 Darsham (circa 1922)
B186 Denver Junction (circa 1956)
B073 Derby Road

B359 Derby Road 1930s

B360 Derby Road 1975

C398 Dereham Central LNER

C072 Dereham Central 1965
C074 Dereham Central 1969
B303 Dereham North (circa 1960)
C304 Dereham West

C463 Dereham South Junction – LNER
B088 Dersingham

B379 Dersingham (from 14.12.1965)

B380 Dersingham (from 05.03.1967)
B296 Dicker Mill L/C
B052 Diss
B171 Ditchingham
B101 Dovercourt Bay
C053 Downham
B184 Dullingham 1925
B185 Dullingham 1978
B308 Dunham (from 20.07.1964)
C234 Dunmow LNER

B010 Earls Colne 1950
C218 East Gate Junction 1924

B366 East Suffolk Junction (from 1925)

B367 East Suffolk Junction (from 11/73)

C349 East Winch 1950s
B211 Eccles Road 1950s
C011 Edmonton Junction
C269 Elmswell 1950s
C012 Elsenham 1935
C142 Elsenham 1950s
C141 Elsenham 1966
C140 Elsenham 1970
C125 Ely Dock Junction 1959
B134 Ely North Junction (from 1930s)
C136 Ely North Junction 1967
C135 Ely North Junction 1984
B137 Ely North Junction 1990s
C277 Ely Station North
C350 Ely Station South (April 1968)
B192 Emneth
C263 Enfield Lock circa 1932
C229 Enfield Lock GER
C263 Enfield Lock 1932
C294 Enfield Town (from 1934)

C462 Fakenham – LNER

B394 Fambridge (1950s)

B392 Fambridge (from 1970s)

B393 Fambridge (29.03.1966)
B054 Felixstowe Beach
B324 Felixstowe Beach (1980s)

B470 Felixstowe Beach (mid 1990s)
C083 Felixstowe Town 1950
B013 Felsted

C451 Fleet Junction

B336 Flordon
B089 Ford Gate 1881 CV&HR
B108 Ford Gate 1895 CV&HR
C212 Fordham Junction 1965
C282 Fordham Junction 1950s
C242 Fork Junction, Stratford
B337 Forncett c. 1963
B014 Fox & Pheasant L/C CV&HR

B450 Framlingham
B220 Fransham Level Crossing
C246 French Drove
B112 Frinton-on-Sea 1937
B159 Frinton-on-Sea (from 1967)
C187 Fulborne (1950s)
B015 Glemsford
B272 Gorleston-on-Sea (from 28.05.1955)
B118 Grassmoor Junction
C250 Great Chesterford 1950s
C348 Great Chesterford (from 11.09.1983)
C347 Hackney Downs LNER

C058 Newmarket Yard

B365 Hackney Downs North Junction

C151 Hadham 1927

C428 Haddiscoe Junction (1904-35)

C426 Haddiscoe Yard (from 1935)

C427 Haddiscoe Yard (1965-69)

B421 Halesworth (from Aug. 1965)

B420 Halesworth (from May 1967)

C422 Halesworth LNER

C230 Hall Farm Junction
C016 Halstead 1924
B163 Hardingham (from 1965)
B346 Hardingham (from 25.05.1966)

B459 Hardingham – GER

C353 Harling Road
C354 Harling Road (from 1962)
C355 Harling Road (from 11.01.1964)
C356 Harling Road (14.06.1965)
C165 Harlow Mill (from 1960)
C102 Harwich Town

B409 Hatfield Peverel LNER

B410 Hatfield Peverel 1960

B293 Haughley Junction
C251 Haughley Junction (from 1960)
C448 Haughley Junction 1965

C465 Haughley Junction 1985
C017 Haverhill Junction 1933
B018 Haverhill Junction 1965
C292 Heacham

C381 Heacham (from Dec. 1964)

C231 Hertford East 1928
C146 Hertford East 1960
B297 Hertford GNR
B298 Hertford Goods (Cowbridge)
B299 Hertford North (from 1910)
C280 Hethersett
B300 Hertingfordbury (from 1904)
C238 Higham
C241 Highmeads Junction
C344 Hilgay
B175 Histon (from 1931)
B217 Histon 1967
C203 Hitchin South
C345 Hogwell Siding
C190 Honington Junction 1948
B123 Horsemoor
B245 Horsemoor 1950s
C055 Hunstanton
C056 Ipswich Station
B232 Isleham

B177 Kelvedon (circa 1955)
B243 Kennett 1950s  

B454 Kimberley Park (from 1950s)
B117 Kings Dyke 1959

B119 Kings Lynn Harbour Jct.

B418 Kings Lynn Harbour Jct. (29.11.79)
C214 Kings Lynn Junction (circa 1960s)
C127 Kings Lynn Junction (1990s)
C213 Kings Lynn Passenger Yard 1957
B057 Kirby Cross

B387 Kirby Cross (from 18.10.1962)

B369 Kirby Cross GER

B386 Kirby Cross LNER (from 1937)

B019 Langley Mill Level Crossing CV&HR

C481 Lakenheath (from 18.04.61)

C226 Lavenham

C385 Leiston
B059 Leytonstone High Road 1969
B065 Leytonstone Station

B433 Lingwood

B182 Lingwood & Chapel Road L/Cs
B020 Linton 1960
C341 Littleport (from 11.11.1962)
C343 Littleport Station
C139 Long Melford c. 1950
C155 Long Melford c. 1958
B021 Long Melford 1961-1967
B198 Long Sutton
B199 Long Sutton Ground Frame
B195 Lords Bridge
C236 Lowestoft Central (circa 1966)
C270 Lowestoft Central (circa 1975)
B271 Lowestoft North
C252 Magdalen Road Junction 1950s
B122 Magdalen Road 1978

B397 Maldon East (from September 1939)
C160 Manningtree (from 1975)
C099 Manningtree South Junction 1950s
C107 March East
B022 Mardock(s)
C023 Marks Tey 1960
C161 Marks Tey 1962
C069 Melton 1950s
C081 Melton 1982-83
C338 Mellis

C375 Middle Drove
C253 Middleton Towers

C378 Middleton Towers (18.05.1955)

C376 Mildenhall

B374 Mountnessing
B084 Mistley
B080 Mount Bures Level Crossing

B382 Narborough & Pentney (24.05.66)

B370 Narborough & Pentney (1950s)

B215 Needham

B469 Needingworth Junction

B026 Newmarket Station October 1968


C183 Newmarket Station
B024 Newmarket Station G/Frame
B025 Newmarket Station March 1968

B327 Newport

B455 North Elmham Ground Frame
C281 Northumberland Park circa 1955
B254 North Weald 14.08.1949

B154 North Wootton (Gate Box)
B040 North Wootton c. 1930
B027 North Wootton (circa 1960)

B126 North Wootton July 1963
B153 North Wootton (Dec. 1967)
C116 Norwich Thorpe Passenger Yard
C172 Oakington 1950
C170 Oakington 1960
B028 Ongar 1949

B361 Orwell (circa 1936)

B412 Oulton Broad Jct.

B411 Oulton Broad Swing Bridge

B178 Oulton Broad North (from 1929)

B444 Overstrand
B124 Padnal

C098 Parkeston East
C068 Parkeston Goods Junction

B096 Parkeston Primrose
B109 Parkeston West

B363 Parsons Heath
B179 Picketts Lock

C373 Postland

B460 Pulham St Mary (circa 1951)
B029 Purls Hill Siding

B402 Purls Hill Brick Siding 1925-62

B278 Queen's Road GER
B279 Queen's Road LNER
B313 Rayne 1950s
C216 Reedham Junction
C358 Reedham Junction (1980s)
C174 Retford South

B371 Rivenhall

B030 Roydon (circa 1956)
B287 Roydon 1959
B321 Rye House

B404 Ryston 1929

B247 Saffron Walden

B437 Salhouse
B031 Sawbridgeworth 1960
B100 Saxham Station
B228 Saxmundham Junction
C260 Saxmundham Station 1961
C259 Saxmundham Station 11.07.1971

B467 Sedgeford (from 21.04.1962)

B442 Sedgeford (from 10/20s to closure)
C317 Seven Sisters Junction (1958)
C032 Shelford Junction 1958
B033 Shelford Junction 1968
C257 Shepreth Branch Junction (c. 1969)

C478 Shippea Hill

C479 Shippea Hill (from 1932)

C480 Shippea Hill (from 1960)

B062 Sible & Castle Hedingham 1950s
B113 Six Mile Bottom
B169 Six Mile Bottom (from 1965)
B168 Six Mile Bottom 1975
B114 Sleaford South Junction

B441 Smeeth
B318 Smeeth Road
B237 Snailwell Junction
B258 Snape Junction
B070 Snettisham
B166 Snettisham (from 1965)
B167 Snettisham (from 1967)
C248 Soham
B063 Somerleyton Swing Bridge
B315 Somerleyton Swing Bridge (10.06.78)

B416 Somersham Jct LNER
C328 Southend Victoria
B285 Southery
C129 South Lynn Junction LNER
B064 Southminster
B034 Spelbrook 1950
B035 Spelbrook 1960
B357 Spooner Row
C060 St Botolphs
C205 St James Deeping
B316 St German Sidings
C061 St Margarets circa 1930s
C164 St Margarets 1963
C301 St Margarets (Dec. 1966)

B434 St Olaves Station

B419 St Olaves Swing Bridge
B131 Stansted 1950s
B132 Stansted 1972
B133 Stansted 1979
C290 Standon (from 1902)
C291 Standon (from 1950s)

B472 Stanhoe 1889–1920
C204 Stevenage North
B090 Stoke GE 1891
B351 Stoke LNER

B399 Stoke (Suffolk) 1932-1963
B284 Stow Bardolph

B403 Stow Bardolph (GER)
C342 Stowmarket (from 3.11.72)
C244 Stratford 'C' Panel

B400 Sturmer 1932-1962

B401 Sturmer 1962-1967
C036 Sudbury Goods Junction 1936
C037 Sudbury Goods Junction 1948
B176 Sudbury Goods Junc. 20.08.1967
C200 Sutton Bridge Station

C473 Sutton 1894–1931

C474 Sutton 1931-1965
B319 Swaffham (from 1926)  

B103 Swainsthorpe

B255 Takeley LNER

C329 Temple Mills Hump control tower
C330 Temple Mills West
C333 Temple Mills East
C331 Temple Mills

B405 Thetford West Jct (from 1960)

C483 Thetford

C482 Thetford (from 01.09.63)

C484 Thetford (from 13.09.81)

C485 Thetford (from 28.03.82)

C486 Thetford (from 23.05.82)

C487 Thetford (from 27.11.83)

B071 Thorpe-le-Soken

C372 Thurston
C339 Tivetshall (from 1943)

B413 Tivetshall Jct (circa 1965)
B325 Trimley (1990s)
C078 Trowse Swing Bridge
C077 Trowse Yard
B239 Tottenham West Junction

C417 Tottenham South Junction

C476 Tottenham South Junction – 1961

B334 Trimley
B335 Trimley (from 16.2.87)

B414 Trowse Upper Junction

C461 Trowse Lower Junction
C076 Twenty Feet River 1975

C477 Victoria Park NLR
C273 Waltham Cross circa 1932
C207 Walton-on-the-Naze (c. 1929)
B286 Walton-on-the-Naze (from 16.03.1970)
C148 Ware 1960
Ware 1975
C249 Warren Hill Junction
B128 Welland Bridge LNER
C352 Wells on Sea
C320 Welwyn Garden City
B111 Wendling GER
C082 Wensum Junction
B066 Westerfield Junction LNER (1930)
B180 Westerfield Junction LNER (1940)

B364 Westerfield Junction 1976
B289 West Mill 1902
B288 West Mill 1935
B038 White Colne 1920
B039 White Colne 1930

B377 White Hart Lane Ground Frame
B067 Whitlingham Junction LNER

C436 Whitlingham Junction (from 15.03.87)

C435 Whitlingham Junction

B121 Whittlesea

B475 Whittlesea (1960s)
C326 Whittlesford (1960s)

B396 Wickham Bishops (from April 1933)

B488 Wickham Market Junction
B302 Widford
C224 Wisbech Goods Junction 1967
B201 Wisbech Sidings East

C443 Wisbech Harbour Junction
C221 Witham (from 1961)
B091 Withersfield Siding

B468 Wivenhoe (from 23.11.1958)

B471 Wivenhoe Junction (circa 1927)
C240 Wolferton

C388 Woodham Ferrers Junction LNER

B276 Wormley circa 1932

B407 Woodbridge (from 07.08.60)

B408 Woodbridge (from 22.05.67)
B094 Wrabness 1900
B095 Wrabness 1935
B093 Wrabness 1975
B097 Wrabness Priory

C105 Wroxham 1960
C106 Wroxham 1970
C092 Wymondham South Junction 1962
C274 Yarmouth South Town 1943
C332 Yarmouth Vauxhall c. 1957
C314 Yarmouth Vauxhall c. 1986

B456 Yaxham 1950s

B457 Yaxham 1960s
B041 Yeldham 1895
B042 Yeldham 1929  

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